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PET Core (MGH)

Director: El Fakhri, Georges

Location: Blossom St., Edwards Basement and White II Boston, MA

Core Summary:

The PET Core Laboratory provides a full range of technical and professional services for the design and execution of programs using Positron Emission Tomography (PET).

The PET Core Facility provides the required facilities and personnel on a per study basis to allow investigators to use PET without requiring them to acquire the needed special expertise and equipment.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: El Fakhri, Georges
Phone: (617) 726-9640

Member: Yokell, Daniel, Pharm.D.
Role: Manager, PET Production Chemistry
Phone: (617) 643-7541

Member: Lazarova, Daniela, MHA
Role: Administrative Manager
Phone: (617) 643-7211

Member: Vasdev, Neil, Ph.D.
Role: Director, Radiochemistry Lab
Phone: (617) 643-4736

Member: Brady, Thomas, M.D.
Role: Director, NMMI, Laurence Lamson Robbins Professor of Radiology
Phone: (617) 726-8313

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Blossom St., Edwards Basement and White II Boston, MA

Major Equipment:

  • Automated Radiochemical Synthesis systems
  • E.cam (Siemens) SPECT Systems and Planar Gamma Cameras
  • Exact HR+ Large Bore PET Scanner
  • NeuroPET/CT dedicated high sensitivity brain scanner
  • PC4096 Large Bore PET Scanner
  • Siemens PET/CT Scanner
  • Siemens Symbia SPECT/CT
  • VISTA small animal micro PET/CT
  • Experimental design and modeling for PET

  • PET scanning/imaging service

    Sample PET scanning / imaging services:

    * 15 0 Gases Brain CBF Metabolism
    * H2150 Blood Flow
    * 11C Compounds
    * 18F Compounds
    * 13NH3 Cardiac Blood Flow
    * 13N2 Lung Study
    * 18F Fluorodeoxyglucose

  • Radiochemistry development for PET

  • Synthesis of Radiopharmaceuticals for PET

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