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Flow Cytometry Core Facility (SERI)

Core Summary:

The Flow Cytometry Facility is a core facility of Schepens Eye Research Institute that provides fluorescent-based cell analysis and sorting to Boston area biomedical researchers.

  • Schepens Eye Research Institute
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Huang, Randy
Phone: (617) 912-216

Facilities and Equipment:

Major Equipment:

  • BD Biosciences LSR II
  • Beckman Coulter XL flow cytometer analyzer
  • Cytomation MoFlo cell sorter
  • Flow cytometry analysis workstation
  • LSC LaserScanning Cytometer
  • BD Biosciences LSR II flow cytometry analysis

    Flow cytometry analysis using the BD LSR II flow cytometer.

  • Coulter XL flow analysis

    Flow cytometry analysis using the Coulter XL Flow analyzer.

  • Cytomation MoFlo cell sorting

    Cell sorting using the Cytomation MoFlo Cell Sorter.

  • Flow cytometry data analysis

    Use of the Analysis Workstation for analyzing flow cytometry data acquired at the facility.

  • LaserScan Cytometry

    Cytometry analysis using the LSC LaserScanning Cytometer,

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