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Small Animal Imaging Core Laboratory (BCH)

Director: Treves, S. Ted, M.D.; Fahey, Frederic, DSc

Core Summary:

In recognition of the value of small animal imaging to the research community, Children's Hospital Boston has committed to developing a state-of-the-art Small Animal Imaging Laboratory.

  • Boston Children's Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Treves, S. Ted, M.D.
Phone: (617) 355-7935

Director: Fahey, Frederic, DSc
Phone: (617) 355-2809, x5-2809

Facilities and Equipment:

Major Equipment:

  • ADC/XRE Unicath SP fluoroscopy instrument
  • Faxitron MX-20 specimen radiograph system X-ray
  • Siemens Focus 120 microPET
  • Siemens microCAT II
  • VisualSonics Vevo 2100 ultrasound
  • Imaging instrumentation access service

    Instrumentation access provided to authorized researchers. Contact the facility for more information about access requirements.

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