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Biospecimen Repository Core (DFCI)

Core Summary:

The Biospecimen Repository provides long-term storage of clinical and research material in -80° C and liquid nitrogen freezers located at Dana Farber's Harbor Campus. Transportation of samples to and from Harbor Campus is provided by the facility for a small fee. Competitive prices are available on per box or per freezer basis in both segregated or non-segregated environments.

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Reynolds, Evangeline
Role: Manager
Phone: 617-582-7441

  • Preventive equipment maintenance and repair service

    Experienced staff to ensure immediate response in emergency failures, providing preventive equipment maintenance and repairs.

    Equipment monitoring and on-call manpower for after hour alarms and full disaster recovery plans.
    Emergency back-up gas generators.

    LN² optional backup for -80º C freezers.

    CAMS automated security system continuously monitoring the function of the storage equipment.

  • Same-day storage for sample drop off

    Same-day storage for sample drop off at Dana L1-71, from 11:00am to 1:00pm.

    Product transportation in IATA-compliant cryogenic shipping containers and accessories.

  • Sample inventory services

    Sample inventory, bar coding, and database generation services.

    Inventory by caLIMS for non-clinical samples and caTissue for clinical specimens.

    Sample retrieval is available within 48 hours of request form receipt.

  • Storage services for -80°C and -190°C in secure facility

    Includes full emergency back up including power generators and additional storage units.

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