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Clinical Research Laboratory (DFCI)

Core Summary:

The Clinical Research Laboratory (CRL) utilizes protocol-driven standard operating procedures for the processing of pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamic, and biomarker samples. This includes the processing, storage, and tracking of all research specimens to ensure the successful completion of clinical trials associated with patient treatment. The CRL is dedicated to the highest standards of specimen handling to maintain the integrity of data procurement and analysis for clinical trials.

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Shah, Sujata
Role: Manager
Phone: (617) 632-6981

Member: General Inquiries
Phone: (617) 632-6981

  • 24 hour urine volume and aliquoting

  • Bone marrow aspiration and blood fixation

  • DNA isolation

  • Mononuclear cell counting and isolation

  • Research specimen processing

    Includes processing of other body fluids such as urine, cerebrospinal fluid, ductal lavage, oral mucosal washings, etc. Special processing as negotiated with sponsors is also available.

  • Research specimen storage

    Service includes short term storage of research specimens from clinical trials.

  • Separation of plasma and serum from blood samples

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