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Confocal and Light Microscopy Core Facility (DFCI)

Director: Cameron, Lisa, Ph.D.

Location: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 450 Brookline Ave; JF 621, Boston, MA 02215

Core Summary:

The Dana Farber Confocal and Light Microscopy Core provides state-of-the-art imaging microscopy technology for fixed and live cells, tissues and multi-photon animal imaging along with scientific and technical expertise to assist in experimental design and optimal image collection. Imaging techniques available include Standard fluorescence, Live-cell long term imaging, Confocal, Fluorescence spectral detection, TIRF, FRET, and Calcium imaging. Available equipment includes a spinning disk confocal microscope, a Leica SP5 laser scanning confocal with a white light laser, and an inverted widefield fluorescence microscope. Other services include training on all equipment, consultation about various imaging techniques and assistance with image analysis. In addition, staff are available to assist with troubleshooting regarding microscopes in individual research labs. All services are available on a fee basis, and equipment is available for either assisted use or unassisted use after training by core staff.

  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Cameron, Lisa, Ph.D.
Phone: (617) 582-8824

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 450 Brookline Ave; JF 621, Boston, MA 02215

Major Equipment:

  • Leica SP5X laser scanning confocal microscope
  • Nikon inverted live-cell imaging system
  • Spinning disk confocal / TIRF system
  • Consultation service

    The Director is available to discuss your project and imaging needs, help troubleshoot sample preparation, optimize the imaging equipment, or assist with equipment in your own lab.

  • Microscope training service

    In order to use core facility equipment on your own, each user must complete training by the Core Director for each microscope system s/he would like to use. We encourage users to seek microscope training, rather than relying on assisted use, as this will help to educate the user about how the equipment works and how to best prepare their scientific samples for microscopy imaging.

    Imaging techniques available through the core include:

    * Standard fluorescence
    * Live-cell long term imaging
    * Confocal
    * Fluorescence spectral detection
    * TIRF
    * FRET
    * Calcium imaging

  • Microscopy equipment available

    * Spinning Disk Confocal / TIRF– (Nikon Ti microscope with Yokogawa CSUX1 and Andor iQ software)
    * Leica SP5X laser scanning confocal
    * Widefield - Nikon inverted live-cell imaging system

  • Microscopy support service

    If you need help with microscopy equipment that you have in your lab, please contact the Core Director. Services available in your own lab include:

    * Bulb replacement
    * Koehler illumination tutorial
    * Microscope / objective cleaning
    * Diagnose a problem with your microscope

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