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CNS Nanomaterial Facility

Location: Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, 11 Oxford Street, LISE Building, Cambridge, MA 02138

Core Summary:

Center for Nanoscale Systems facility dealing with "FIB, XPS, AFM, Optical Microscopy and Spectroscopy, Biomaterials, Soft Lithography, Microfluidics, Nano Particles, Chemical Nanotechnology, etc."

  • Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Reynolds, James
Role: Assistant Director
Phone: (617) 384-7411

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, 11 Oxford Street, LISE Building, Cambridge, MA 02138

Major Equipment:

  • AB-M mask aligner
  • Anatech LTD SP100 plasma barrel etcher
  • Asylum-1 MFP-3D atomic force microscope system
  • Asylum MFP-3D Coax atomic force microscope
  • Barnstead / Harvey hydroclave
  • Beckman Coulter DelsaNano C particle size and zeta potential analyzer
  • Contact angle measurement system
  • Countess cell counter
  • DISCO DAD-321 automatic dicing saw
  • K-Alpha XPS (ESCA)
  • KLA-Tencor P-16+ contact stylus profiler
  • Leica DM IRB optical cell microscope
  • Milton Roy Abbe 3L refractometer
  • Nikon Eclipse ME600L optical microscope with CCD camera
  • NuAire Nu-425 bio-hood
  • OAI LS30 UV flood exposure system
  • Olympus FV300 Laser Scanning Confocal
  • Olympus IX71CNS TIRF laser cell microscope
  • Reflection laser scanning confocal microsope
  • Retsch PM 100 planetary ball mill
  • Spectro Xepos III x-ray flourescence spectrometer
  • Structure Probes Plasma Prep II 02 surface treatment system
  • Surface Science SSX-100 x-ray photoelectron spectrometer
  • Thermo Electro Legend centrifuge
  • Thermo Electron 2872 precision reciprocating shaker bath
  • Thermo Electron 3584 CO2 incubator
  • Thermo Electron 7402 cryo-chamber
  • Thermo Electron mammalian CO2 culture incubator
  • Thermo Scientific Nicolet ECO 1000 Fourier Transform infrared spectrometer
  • Thinky ARE-250 centrifugal mixer
  • UV Photoluminescence Spectroscopy System
  • VersaLaser VLS2.32 cutting/engraving system
  • VirTis AdVantage Plus EL-85 freeze dryer / lyophilizer
  • WITec CRM 200 AFM/NSOM/confocal raman microscope
  • Xerox 8570 Wax Printer
  • X-Tek HMXST micro-CT x-ray imaging system
  • Zeiss SMT NVision40 focused ion beams (2x)
  • Nanomaterial Facility and instrumentation access, instrument training, staff assistance

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