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CNS Nanofabrication Facility

Location: Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, 11 Oxford Street, LISE Building, Cambridge, MA 02138

Core Summary:

The Center for Nanoscale Systems' Nanofabrication Facility (CNS-NF), offers resource and staff support for fabricating and characterizing nanoscale devices and structures.

The facility currently operates the 10,000 sq.ft. LISE Cleanroom with leading-edge equipment capable of electron-beam and optical lithography, physical and chemical vapor deposition, dry and wet processing, metrology, and device characterization.

  • Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Reynolds, James
Role: Assistant Director
Phone: (617) 384-7411

Member: Deng, Jiangdong
Role: Nanofab Manager
Phone: (617) 495-3396

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Center for Nanoscale Systems, Harvard University, 11 Oxford Street, LISE Building, Cambridge, MA 02138

Major Equipment:

  • Agilent/Keithley characterization electronics
  • AJA 3 target sputter deposition system
  • AJA 6 target sputter deposition system
  • Anatech SCE-106 plasma barrel etcher
  • AX5010-INT Microwave Plasma CVD System
  • Baltec CPD-1 Critical Point Dryer
  • CDE ResMap-178 4-point probe
  • Denton Explorer load-locked e-beam evaporator
  • Edwards Auto 306 e-beam evaporator
  • Elionix Electron Beam Lithography System 7000
  • Elionix ELS-F125 e-beam lithography system
  • Finetech Fineplacer Flip Chip Bonder
  • FLX-2320-S Thin Film Stress Measurement system
  • Fujikura Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer
  • Gaertner LSE-W scanning ellipsometer
  • Hall Effect K2500 Measurement System
  • Heidelberg DWL-66 Mask Writer
  • Jipelec Jetfirst 100 Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP)
  • Key High Thermal Vacuum Evaporator
  • Lakeshore 1.5K low-temp probe station
  • Lesker e-beam evaporator
  • Loomis LSD-100 Scriber/Cleaver
  • MicroProcess Avenger Ultra-Pure spin rinse dryer (SRD)
  • MPTC Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP)
  • NEXX Cirrus-150 PECVD System
  • Nexx Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE)
  • Raith-150 e-beam lithography system
  • Samco UV & Ozone Stripper
  • Savannah Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Sharon e-Beam Evaporator EE-3
  • Sharon Thermal Evaporator TE-3
  • Sharon Thermal Evaporator TE-4
  • Sharon Thermal Evaporator TE-5
  • Signatone S-1160 Probe Station
  • SouthBay Reactive Ion Etcher 2000 (RIE)
  • STS MPX/LPX reactive ion etch system
  • SUSS MA6 Mask Aligner
  • Suss MJB3 Mask Aligner
  • Suss MJB4 Mask Aligner
  • Technics 220 Plasma Stripper/Cleaner
  • Thermo Electron Lindberg Furnace
  • Tystar Bank1 Low Temp Silicon Dioxide furnace
  • Tystar Bank1 Non-Metal Anneal furnace
  • Tystar Bank1 Polysilicon furnace
  • Tystar Bank1 Silicon Nitride furnace
  • Tystar Bank2 Metal Anneal furnace
  • Tystar Bank2 TEOS Silicon Dioxide furnace
  • Tystar Bank2 Wet/Dry Oxidation furnace
  • Unaxis Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE)
  • Veeco Dektak 6M Profilometer
  • Veeco NanoMan atomic force microscope (AFM)
  • Veeco Wyko NT1100 Optical Profiler
  • WestBond Wire Bonder
  • Woollam V-VASE32 spectroscopic ellipsometer
  • Nanofabrication cleanroom and instrumentation access, instrument training, staff assistance

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