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Islet Isolation Core (JDC)

Director: Weir, Gordon C., M.D.

Location: Islet Isolation Core, Joslin Diabetes Center, One Joslin Place, Boston, MA 02215

Core Summary:

The main objective of the Islet Isolation Core is to provide Islets of Langerhans to investigators in the Boston area and beyond. By receiving islets from the Core one is assured of consistent high quality and purity of islets for experiments. The Core can isolate rodent and neonatal porcine islets. This leaves the investigator to concentrate on experiments rather than the complexity of islet isolation.

  • Joslin Diabetes Center
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Weir, Gordon C., M.D.

Member: Lock, Jennifer
Role: Core Manager

Member: General Inquiries
Phone: (617) 732-2580

  • Rodent and Porcine Islet Isolation Services

    * Can perform islet isolation from rodents and neonatal pigs
    * Most commercially available animals can be used
    * Can also perform islet isolations on healthy external animals
    * Islet viability tests available (FDA/PI)
    * Isolated islets can be picked up at our facility, sent via courier within 25 miles, or shipped overnight via FedEx

  • Training Services

    Training is available for the following:

    * Islet isolation
    * Transplantation under the kidney capsule
    * Graft retrieval
    * Glucose stimulated insulin secretion testing
    * Islet viability testing (FDA/PI)
    * Streptozotocin (STZ) diabetes induction

    While training is generally done free-of-charge if just observing ongoing experiments, charges may apply for users who intend to perform isolation/tests themselves, under supervision.

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