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Cell, Tissue and Organ Resource Core (MGH)

Director: Uygun, Korkut, Ph.D.

Core Summary:

The mission of the Cell Resource Core (CRC) at Massachusetts General Hospital is to provide high quality primary hepatocytes and supporting tissues to researchers. We use an innovative, reliable and affordable process that meets Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards.

By utilizing a new perfusion technique that was developed at Mass General to preserve the viability of liver cells prior to transplantation, the CRC has been able to increase the viable yield of high quality hepatocytes from donor livers. As a nonprofit resource core, we can provide these cell cultures to researchers at affordable prices.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Uygun, Korkut, Ph.D.

Member: Geerts, Sharon
Role: Accounts Manager

Member: Ozer, Sinan
Role: Operations Manager

Member: Peony, Banik
Role: Research Technician

Member: Sonal, Nagpal
Role: Research Technician

  • Cryopreserved hepatocytes (human, rat, mouse)

    Cryopreserved hepatocytes are available on demand. These cells are the same fresh rat hepatocytes preserved with standard cryopreservation protocols. Our cryopreservation techniques have been in development for numerous years to guarantee the best quality hepatocytes after thawing.

  • Culture supplies (collagen, culture media etc.)

    We provide rat tail collagen, DMEM, Percoll and C+H for plating and thawing purposes. Required supplies vary depending on whether the cells are fresh or cryopreserved.

  • Culture Training

    This training can be customized based on a client’s needs. Researchers are taught how to thaw, count and plate cryopreserved/fresh cells. In addition, we teach our clients how to make different types of plates, change media and maintain viable cultures.

  • Custom hepatocyte isolations

    Custom hepatocyte isolations (species/strain) will be considered on a client-to-client basis. In the past, we have done custom isolations on CD-1 and C57BL6 mice as well as Lewis, SD and Zucker rats.

  • Decellularized whole rat livers

    Interested in tissue engineering but have limited access to animal/surgical resources? We provide decellularized whole rat livers for regenerative medicine studies employing native liver ECM. Please inquire for details.

  • Fresh hepatocytes in suspension (human, rat, mouse)

    Our primary rat hepatocytes are isolated from female Lewis rats, with >90% viability at time of isolation and >99% purity. Isolations are done on a weekly basis and can be tracked via our google calendar. Cells are provided in vials suspended in C+H media on ice, and typically remain highly viable up to 6 hours as long as
    the cells are kept cold.

  • Non-parenchymal cells (stellate cells, Kupffer cells and sinusoidal endothelial cells)

    Rat and mouse NPC fractions are available on demand. Fractions can be provided on ice, or a particular cell type can be isolated and plated based on the client’s needs. Please inquire for details and human NPC availability.

  • Plated hepatocytes (human, rat, mouse)

    Plated hepatocytes can be provided in various formats (6 well, collagen sandwich etc). Typical configuration is a 6-well plate in collagen sandwich and C+H media. Plates can be made using regular media and serum- free media. This takes ~4 days to be ready after the day of isolation. Please inquire for details.

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