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SBGrid Core (HMS)

Location: Harvard Medical School, BCMP, 250 Longwood Avenue, SGM-130, Boston, MA 02115

Core Summary:

The SBGrid Core team provides research computing sysadmin support to structural biology laboratories in the Boston area.

  • Harvard Medical School
  • SBGrid Consortium
Personnel/Contact Information:

PI: Sliz, Piotr, Ph.D.
Role: Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Lecturer on BCMP
Phone: (617) 432-5608, Ext. 70

  • Configuration, maintenance and support of SBGrid Core member workstations and servers

  • Design of research computing infrastructure

    Includes workstation and server hardware purchase recommendations.

  • Integration of laboratory resources with SBGrid Consortium software support infrastructure

  • Support of specialized data collection and processing facilities

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