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Ragon Institute Biostatistics Core

Director: Ghebremichael, Musie, Ph.D.

Core Summary:

The Biostatistics Core serves the needs of the HIV/AIDS researchers within the Ragon Institute and its affiliates. In particular, members of the Biostatistics Core provide expertise in the planning, conduct and analysis of research with the goal of enhancing the scientific quality of HIV-related research at the institute.

The primary objective of the core is to ensure that studies are well designed, correctly analyzed, clearly presented, and correctly interpreted.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Ghebremichael, Musie, Ph.D.

  • Data Analysis

    Collaborating in the analysis of data for manuscript preparation, poster or oral presentations and grant submission.

  • Data Management

    Providing consultation on data collection and management for studies conducted by the Ragon Institute members.

  • Grant Application

    Providing statistical and methodological support for all grant applications submitted by the Ragon Institute members.

  • Protocol Development

    Providing statistical and methodological support of all study protocols that are submitted for IRB review.

  • Statistical Education

    Providing statistical and other quantitative training for members of the Ragon Institute, as needed.

  • Study Design

    Providing consultation during the design of a study, including the selection of the appropriate study design, primary endpoints, sample size and statistical model.

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