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MGH Biomedical informatics Core

Director: Clark, Timothy W.

Location: 65 Landsdowne Street, Suite 200, Cambridge, MA 02139

Core Summary:

The MGH Biomedical informatics Core (MGH BMIC) serves the information management and analysis needs of the MGH/Partners/Harvard research community as well as non-profit organizations and industry. MGH BMIC has expertise in biomedical informatics, and leverages re-usable tools developed by the group to offer services in a cost-effective manner.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Clark, Timothy W.
Phone: (617) 947-7098

Member: Davis, Patti
Role: MGH BMIC Business Manager
Phone: (617) 768-8522

Member: Das, Sudeshna, Ph.D.
Role: MGH BMIC Associate Director
Phone: (617) 472-0039

  • Bioinformatics Analysis & Training

    Bioinformatics and statistical analyses such as in-silico target identification, database or literature searches, protein annotation, microarray analysis, and next-generation sequencing pipeline execution.

  • Biomedical Data Management Solutions

    Biomedical data management solutions for complex genomics and drug discovery assay data.

  • Custom Informatics Solutions

    Support for various software solution needs, including information management, database building, website development or maintenance for your group.

  • Knowledge-Base Development

    Intense literature scanning done by subject matter specialists and significant research hypothesis, claims and their evidence is curated in a semantic-web based platform for enhanced searches and interoperability with other knowledge repositories.

  • Scientific Community Websites

    Development of online scientific community websites with extensive use of social media for research communities.

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