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Center for Biomedical OCT Research and Translation (MGH)

Director: Bouma, Brett, Ph.D.

Location: 40 Blossom Street, Bartlett Hall, RM 816, Boston, MA 02114

Core Summary:

The Center for Biomedical OCT Research and Translation (CBORT) is a National Biomedical Technology Resource Center (P41) funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering. Over the past two decades, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) has evolved into a powerful microscopy technique that can be used to safely image biological tissue. The mission of CBORT is to enable breakthroughs in biology and medicine through advancements in Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology.

  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Bouma, Brett, Ph.D.

Member: Vakoc, Ben, Ph.D.
Role: Associate Director

Member: Namati, Jacqueline, Ph.D.
Role: Director of Program Development
Phone: (617) 724-5304

Member: General Inquiries
Phone: (617) 724-5304

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: 40 Blossom Street, Bartlett Hall, RM 816, Boston, MA 02114

Major Equipment:

  • Brillouin microscopy systems
  • Commercial endoscopic OFDI system for use in animal or human studies
  • Commercial intravascular OFDI system for use in animal studies
  • Custom built confocal fluorescence microscope
  • Custom built two-photon microscope
  • Intravascular ultrasound imaging system for use in animal studies
  • OCT (OFDI) Imaging Systems
  • Portable clinical OCT system optimized for skin imaging
  • OCT Consultation

    Potential and current users are encouraged to contact CBORT faculty to investigate potential opportunities for incorporating OCT into their research program. CBORT also provides assistance with protocol development and regulatory application processes.

  • OCT Equipment Access

    Access to state of the art OCT and optical microscopy systems for pre-clinical and clinical research.

  • OCT Imaging System Training

    Individual and Small Group Training: The individual and small group program is intended to provided customized training for an intensive few day visit or for a longer, 3-6 months, time period. During the visit trainees can decide to focus on advances in swept-source laser designs, development and fabrication of customizable OCT imaging probes and rotary junctions, as well as full OCT system integration and application based imaging techniques.

    The program has several focus areas including:
    • Laser Design
    • Imaging Probes & Rotary Junctions
    • OCT Systems Engineering
    • Clinical Imaging
    • Small Animal Imaging

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