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Assay Development and Screening Facility (ADSF) at Boston Children’s Hospital

Director: Kleiman, Robin, Ph.D.; Sahin, Mustafa, M.D., Ph.D.

Location: CLS12260, 3 Blackfan Circle,, Boston, MA 02115

Core Summary:

The Assay Development and Screening Facility (ADSF) provides consultation and implementation of high-throughput and high-content screening assays on a fee-for-service model. The core has specialized equipment to support image-based and live cell assay development. The ADSF also partners with the Human Neuron Differentiation Service to create and conduct phenotypic screening using patient derived iPSC lines differentiated into specific neuronal cell types to model human CNS disorders.

    Personnel/Contact Information:

    Director: Kleiman, Robin, Ph.D.
    Phone: (617) 919-6303

    Director: Sahin, Mustafa, M.D., Ph.D.
    Phone: (617) 919-4518

    Member: Barrett, Lee, Ph.D.
    Role: ADSF Manager
    Phone: (617) 919-2407

    Member: Grantham, Alyssa
    Role: Research Assistant, ADSF

    Member: General Inquiries

    Facilities and Equipment:

    Location of Core: CLS12260, 3 Blackfan Circle,, Boston, MA 02115

    Major Equipment:

    • Agilent BenchCel 4R
    • Agilent Bravo
    • Agilent PlateLoc
    • Dotmatics Vortex informatics solution
    • Hamamatsu FDSS7000ex kinetic plate reader
    • Matrix Wellmate
    • ThermoFisher Arrayscan XTI
    • Thermo Multidrop
    • Consultation on assay development for High-throughput and high-content screening campaigns

      The core enables researchers to develop assays of their targets suitable for subsequent industrial-scale, high throughput screening, thereby filling this critical gap in the drug development pathway. Additional funding by Mass Life Sciences (MLSC) enables access to the core facilities for external and industrial researchers.

    • Custom liquid handling strategies

    • Fee-for-service for assay screening

      The core specializes in live cell screening capabilities not available in other core facilities. It also provides access to annotated NIH and FDA approved screening libraries, as well as chemically diverse sets of small drug-like compound libraries.

    • Instrumentation training for users

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