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Forsyth Histology Core

Director: Kressirer, Christine, Ph.D

Location: 245 First Street, 5th Floor Science Center, room 5123, Cambridge, MA 02142

Core Summary:

The Histology Core provides consulting and support services for both soft tissue and precise hard tissue analysis. Services include: tissue processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining as well as guidance on protocols. The Histology Core can embed samples in standard molds or custom molds in paraffin, resin or as frozen tissue for routine histology, special stains and immunohistological studies performed either by a trained investigator or by Core staff.

  • Forsyth Institute
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Kressirer, Christine, Ph.D
Phone: 617-892-8316

Member: General Inquiries

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: 245 First Street, 5th Floor Science Center, room 5123, Cambridge, MA 02142

Major Equipment:

  • American Optical Spencer 820 microtomes
  • Microm HM 315 microtome
  • Thermo Scientific Microm HM 355S Automatic Microtome
  • X-CLARITY polymerization system
  • X-CLARITY tissue clearing device
  • Assisted use (depending on availability, additional fees apply)

  • Consultation

  • Independent use of instruments upon successful completion of training

  • User training on the instruments

    All services open to all academic and commercial researchers on an hourly rate basis.

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