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Cellular Imaging Core (BCH)

Location: Children's Hospital, Division of Neuroscience, 300 Longwood Avenue, CLS13035, Boston, MA 02115

Core Summary:

The Imaging Core provides access to standard digital and laser scanning confocal microscopy, multiphoton microscopy, unbiased stereology, and automated confocal microscopy for large scale genome-wide screens. In addition, the Core has substantial capabilities in quantitative and three-dimensional volumetric image reconstruction.

  • Boston Children's Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Member: Innocent, Cvic, Ph.D.
Role: Assistant Director of Microscopy
Phone: (617) 919-2378

PI: Chen, Chinfei, M.D., Ph.D.
Role: Assistant Professor of Neurology, Director of Microscopy
Phone: (617) 919-2685

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Children's Hospital, Division of Neuroscience, 300 Longwood Avenue, CLS13035, Boston, MA 02115

Major Equipment:

  • 100X Nikon Plan Fluor
  • 100X Zeiss plan-APOCHROMAT
  • 10X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 10X Nikon Plan Fluor
  • 10X Nikon Plan Fluor
  • 10X Zeiss plan-NEOFLUAR
  • 1X Nikon Plan UW
  • 20X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 20X Nikon Plan Fluor
  • 25X Zeiss plan-NEOFLUAR
  • 2X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 40X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 40X Nikon Plan Fluor
  • 40X Zeiss plan-NEOFLUAR
  • 40X Zeiss plan-NEOFLUAR
  • 458, 488 and 514 nm: Argon-ion laser, 30 mW
  • 4X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 543 nm: Helium-Neon laser, 1mW
  • 5X Zeiss plan-APOCHROMAT
  • 60X Nikon Plan Apo
  • 633 nm: Helium-Neon laser, 15mW
  • 63X Zeiss plan-APOCHROMAT
  • 720-930 nm: tunable Chameleon IR laser, 1,870 mW max (2-photon excitation)
  • Camera lucida
  • CY5 fluorescence filter cube
  • DAPI fluorescence filter cube
  • Digital camera
  • Fiber optics illuminator
  • FITC fluorescence filter cube
  • Hamamatsu ORCA-R2 CCD camera
  • ImageJ
  • Leica Autostainer Xl automatic staining machine
  • Leica CM 3050S cryostat
  • Leica EM UC7 Ultramicrotome
  • Leica SM 2000R freezing sliding microtome
  • Leica VT1000S Vibratome
  • LKB glass knife maker
  • LSM 510
  • MetaMorph
  • MetaMorph Advanced Image Analysis PC Workstation
  • Motorized XY stage and Z-axis focus
  • Neurolucida and Stereo Investigator Imaging Station
  • Nikon 80i microscope (air) microscope
  • Nikon 80i microscope (air) workstation
  • Nikon 80i upright microscope
  • Nikon E800 microscope (oil)
  • Nikon E800 microscope (oil) workstation
  • Nikon SZ654 dissecting microscope
  • Nikon SZ654 dissecting microscope workstation
  • Pelco BioWave Pro 36500
  • Photo-camera
  • Reichert-Jung knife sharpener
  • Reichert-Jung rotary 2030 microtome
  • Reichert-Jung rotary 2050 microtome
  • Remote Confocal Image Processing PC Workstation
  • Rhodamin fluorescence filter cube
  • Spot RT cooled CCD camera
  • TRITC fluorescence filter cube
  • Tx Red fluorescence filter cube
  • UV fluorescence filter cube
  • Zeiss Axioplan 2 microscope
  • Zeiss Axioplan 2 microscope workstation
  • Zeiss Axioskop microscope
  • Zeiss Axioskop microscope workstation
  • Zeiss LSM Image Browser
  • Blade sharpening service

  • Cryostat, vibratome, and microtome usage service

  • Electron microscopy embedding service

    EM embedding service.

  • Electron microscopy sectioning service

    EM sectioning service.

  • Electron microscopy service

    "Service includes perfusion, fixation, processing, embedding, and cutting of animal and human tissues for morphological observations by electron microscopy. Investigators use electron microscopes in the EM facility at Harvard Medical School to examine their samples."

  • Golgi Cox service

  • H&E and cresyl violet staining service

  • Luxol fast blue service

    "Histological analysis of nervous tissue derived from experimental animals or human samples. Perfusion, fixation, embedding, sectioning and staining of animal and human tissues. Investigator training in these techniques."

  • Microscopy training service

    Different fees apply for assisted and independent users. See lab website for details.

  • Paraffin, frozen, and vibratome sectioning service

  • Paraffin embedding service

  • Perfusion and dissection service

    Includes preparation of solutions.

  • Rapid golgi staining service

  • Ultramicrotome usage service

  • User-based microscopy service

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