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Massachusetts Host-Microbiome Center (BWH)

Director: Bry, Lynn, M.D., Ph.D.

Location: Mass. Host-Microbiome Center, EBRC-422, Dept. Pathology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, 221 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Core Summary:

The Host-Microbiome Center supports studies evaluating contributions of the microbiota in health and disease. Core resources include:

(1) Gnotobiotic (germfree) animal facility with 60 isolators and 600 cage-containment system for SPF housing and short-term gnotobiotic or indefininte complex associations. The germfree core maintains common gnotobiotic stocks for experiments and assists investigators in setting up experimental systems and maintaining breeding colonies of dedicated lines.

(2) Microbiology Unit which provides microbiologic support for culture of aerobic and anaerobic species, biochemical characterizations, continuous chemostat/fermenter analyses, metabolite phenotyping of short chain fatty acids (SCFA), and has access to a large strain repository of human and animal commensal species and pathogens, including genetically tenable strains and systems developed by the unit.

(3) Molecular Unit which offers next generation sequencing (NGS) studies including 16S rRNA gene phylotyping, bacterial whole genome sequencing, and multiple qPCR/rtPCR analyses.

(4) Computational Unit which evaluates complex, longitudinal dynamics of the microbiota and maintains dedicated compute nodes in a HIPAA-compliant environment in the Partners ERIS compute cluster. Computational faculty have developed novel algorithmic approaches to study microbiota dynamics at the organismal and gene-level, and to incorporate host co-variates.

(5) CLIA (clinical laboratory) Unit, which provides clinical trials support for microbiome and other clinical studies and access to discarded clinical samples.

(6) Administrative Unit for assisting investigators with preparation of IRB and IACUC protocols, developing project quotes and providing project management support.

The Center is supported in part by a Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) capital grant, and provides support to academic, non-profit and commercial groups within the state and beyond.

  • Brigham and Women's Hospital
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Bry, Lynn, M.D., Ph.D.
Phone: (617)732-7763

Member: Herring, Neil
Role: Corporate Manager, IT Manager
Phone: (617) 278-0553

Member: Yeliseyev, Vladimir
Role: Program Manager
Phone: (617) 525-6536

Member: Gerber, Georg, M.D., Ph.D., MPH
Role: Director, Computational Unit
Phone: (617) 525-6536

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Mass. Host-Microbiome Center, EBRC-422, Dept. Pathology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, 221 Longwood Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Major Equipment:

  • Agilent GC/LC system
  • CBC gnotobiotic isolators: 5 – 55 cage capacity, positive pressure (BL0/1) and negative pressure isolators for BL2 experiments
  • Coy anaerobic chambers
  • EpMotion liquid handler
  • Eppendorf fermentor systems
  • MiSeq sequencers
  • OptiMice cage containment systems (600 cage capacity) for short-term GF or long-term complex colonization studies
  • Qiagen high-throughput DNA extractors
  • QuantStudio high-throughput qPCR system
  • SciClone liquid handler
  • Shimdazu GC/LC system
  • 16S rRNA gene phylotyping

  • Biospecimen handling and storage (CLIA)

  • Clinical Lab Sample Processing (CLIA)

  • DNA extraction

  • Gnotobiotic isolators, BL0, BL2

  • Gnotobiotic mice

  • Microbial Consortia Development

  • Microbial Genome Sequencing

  • Microbial Strain Repository

  • Microbiologic Culturing and Phenotyping

  • Microbiologic Testing of Human Samples (CLIA)

    - Isolate Susceptibility Testing
    - Stool screening for C. difficile and Multi-Drug Resistant Pathogens

  • SCFA studies: primary samples and culture supernatants

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