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Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory (HSPH)

Director: Wolfson, J. Mikhail

Location: Attn: Mike Wolfson, HSPH-Landmark West Room 419C, 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215

Core Summary:

Analysis of air pollution samples: including gravimetric determination of particle mass from filter samples; chemical analysis for passive and active samples of pollutant particles and gases; instrumental analysis of elemental and organic carbon collected on quartz fiber filters; trace elemental analysis of filter samples, and ; reflectance analysis of atmospheric black carbon.

  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Personnel/Contact Information:

Director: Wolfson, J. Mikhail
Phone: (617) 384-8845

Facilities and Equipment:

Location of Core: Attn: Mike Wolfson, HSPH-Landmark West Room 419C, 401 Park Drive, Boston, MA 02215

Major Equipment:

  • Diffusion Systems M43D smokestain reflectometer
  • Dionex DX120 ion chromatograph
  • Mettler Model MT5 electronic microbalance
  • Panalytical Model Epsilon 5 X-ray Fluorescence analyzer
  • Sunset Laboratories OCEC Laboratory Analyzer
  • Inorganic chemistry material analysis

    Measurements supported:
    * aerosol and gaseous inorganics
    * gravimetric particle mass
    * black carbon (indoor and outdoor air using reflectance method)
    * trace elements from Teflon membrane filters
    * organic and elemental carbon particles from quartz membrane filters

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